David Hockney is one of the most versatile artists i could name. He seems to easily morph from one style to another, from the pop art and abstract expressionist works, photocollage and photography in general, and yet there always seems to be more amazing styles that he can pull out of his artistic bag!

He is (in my opinion) a master with colour and uses it boldly.I was delighted to see the paintings he created when he decided to return to his home county of Yorkshire (where his mum still lives) in 2006/7 and created his ‘East Yorkshire Landscapes’.I watched a programme on their creation, and was impressed that Hockney is not so precious about the process of the creation that he is too grand to share it with others, and in fact opened up his world to show us all…. which inspired me greatly!

Hockney created these landscapes on huge canvasses (sometimes up to 8/10 being used) and stood outside in all weathers, painting from life! i find myself in total awe at his ability to ‘see’ colours that so many of us would struggle to see, and the emotive impact is quite overwhelming!

Hockney - in the midst of his creation!