Here is a video i attained’ from another persons blog!!! tut tut…but only because it seemed to sum up what a designer is so succinctly – and without me trying in my amateur way to explain it (sorry martin, hope you don’t mind?)

The guy giving the talk is the very handsome Matt Webb (part of the Schulze and Webb design consultancy)  and he is addressing the Copenhagen’s Reboot conference on what the role of a designer was and is in the 21st century. It is very thought-provoking to say the least.

Webb talks about Bruno Manari (an Italian Graphic Designer) who wrote a book called ‘Design as Art’ (1971) and he comments on how it is a natural thing for us to find ‘faces’ in things that we see in order to relate to them, and how this is related to the design process.

Here are two pictures that i took in the gym as i was fascinated at the faces i could see in the boxes that the pullies from the Kinesis machine were attached to!! – and yes i know it probably means i wasnt exercising hard enough!!

A little smiley face?

This is his best side!