Yesterday we worked in groups to consider the role of the designer.We had a healthy discussion, all sharing our views about our role in society, what we contribute, our ethics – or lack of them, and what impact we have on issues such as sustainability.

We came up with the following mind map – i apologise if it’s a little difficult to read…. click on the image to enlarge!!

Basically what we considered was what our ethics were, and whether or not they determined what work we would put our name to, and whether money was a factor in our decision-making? We discussed whether or not our work had a political/social impact, who it influenced, whether or not sustainability was an issue, were we likely to change peoples perceptions? Or were we just problem solving creatives that provide a service for monetary gain?

It was interesting to realise what impact we could possibly have on society and on challenging established views and opinions, and the fact that there were issues of responsibility and accountability because of that.Boundaries and borders were also something we discussed, and when we were likely to be in danger of crossing them, and how we needed to address that in order to be truly inclusive!

A really good exercise, with great results, that enabled us to make inroads into our Professional Development Practice that we will work on over the three years we are at uni.

Group discussionsEveryone working hard - thinking of ideas!The competitions ideas!!!Our definition being written up by Ted!

We decided that our definition  was….

” A Designer creates ideas that communicate information to meet the needs of their client, within their own ethical boundaries”