Now with a plastic shopping bag and stick!Hunched over whilst he tries to walkView from the other side

 I started this little  8″ model a few weeks ago, and have only been able to get an hour here and there to work on it, but it is now nearly at the painting stage.

The idea came from an animation project we did last semester where one of my characters was an old tramp who was rummaging around for food in a bin. I then became fascinated by the walk and body posture of a couple of ‘outdoor’ gentleman that walk the streets in a town near where i live, the way they shuffle about, lost in their own thoughts, oblivious of what is going on around them, and i really wanted to represent this in a model.

The process has been really therapeutic to say the least! It’s great to escape the noise of the studio and enjoy the piece and quiet in the model making room for an hour, i always feel like i have just gone and done an hours meditation or just been away for a few days on holiday when i get back. 

Initially i was going to place some rubbish on the floor to show that this was why the tramp had stopped, and to give a focus to his gaze, but then i decided i just didn’t want to do that to him as it was presuming that was the way his life was.So instead i intend to create a little dog (probably based on my own little Jack Russel who has deformed legs) and have the dog sat on the ground, with his head on one side, looking up at the tramp who has stopped to talk to him. I think it will be nice to show that there is a connection between the animal and the man, and that he isn’t as alone as people think?

And so the project continues… this space to see the finished product later!!!