Nearly 200 illustrations, which took shape in 68 key locations throughout London beginning in late March, are the work of British artist Paul “Moose” Curtis. Moose’s art is called “reverse graffiti” – a technique he created that uses collected rainwater to wash away dirt and pollution. The “graffiti” creates a clean negative space, which is the finished illustration.

Western Union and global agency of record Publicis Hong Kong commissioned Moose to create the illustrations throughout the city as part of the global rollout of the Western Union yes! brand launch. The campaign, which the global money-transfer company kicked off in February, features a number of elements, including a global television commercial and print ads – running in 200 countries around the globe in 40 languages – live street art demonstrations, and a cause-marketing website.

Also as part of the yes! launch, Western Union commissioned famed street artist Chase to create a 20-foot by 30-foot mural in February in New York City. Chase has painted murals up and down the California coast and is well-known for incorporating uplifting, inspiring messages in his work.

Moose and Chase were chosen because their thought-provoking artwork represents the positivity and hope inherent in Western Union’s yes! campaign. The campaign – the result of extensive consumer research from around the globe – is a burst of positive. It embodies an ambitious and forward-looking new vision for the 150-year-old company and targets the 200 million people around the world who live outside their country of origin.

“Western Union believes in people who are on the move in pursuit of their dreams,” said Gail Galuppo, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Western Union. “Moose looks at something – in his case, a dirty wall or building – and finds a way to make it better. We find that to be a metaphor for how our customers live their lives – they may be separated from their families for long periods as they seek better opportunities, but they make the best of it. The yes! campaign reflects their positivity and can-do spirit.”

Sue McCusker, General Manager of Publicis Hong Kong, said, “The reverse graffiti adds depth to the campaign in a very unique and unexpected way. By using street art, and such an unusual form of it, we hope to create a connection between Western Union and the local community that goes far beyond what can be achieved in traditional media.”

***Sorry i didn’t save the link that i got this from – enough to say that its not my words** But here is a great you tibe video that explains more about mooses work

I personally think this guy is great, he is so conscious of the environment, he uses reclaimed wood to sketch his designs on and to cut his stencils out of, and also uses rain water for the high pressure cleaner that creates the images by blasting all the dirt away.Can’t ask for more than that can you? When he was asked in interview on SMart TV about how he described his art he said he sees it as some sort of cave painting, and expects them to be found under water in 100’s of years.He is very much an enviromentalist, and concerned about green issues and climate change.As far as sustainability is concerned he really hits the mark!!