To me Photoshop was invented by the Devil!!….i struggle soooo hard to understand what they are talking about, and yet everyone else seems to know what is going on, which leaves me feeling pretty stupid to  say the least – i seem to be on a real emotional rollercoaster with it, one minute i think i’ve cracked it – then we need to do something else and i feel like i am back at stage one all over again, and thinking that i will never get the hang of it!!

Just as i got my head around layering and why you need to do it, i now need to insert collage materials onto a portrait, and have tried a gizzillion times tonight and just can’t seem to do it!! aaaarrrrrggggh!! I must say that i do feel its like cheating anyway, and think that i would much prefer to create something with paint and a brush anyday!

Will try again tomorrow when i have stopped wanting to smash the computer! Am starting to wonder if it is at all possible to get all 7 projects completed by the end of the semester (plus i have a sneaking suspicion that we will also get some more before we finish).Plus combining all of that with working, kids, lodgers and dogs – plus a long car journey every day – i am flagging to say the least…

Ho hum, will carry on….i am sure that i will be gratefull of all this stress when i come out the other side?? Lets hope so!