Denise Chilton spent many years working within the ‘rat race’ in big business and high pressure jobs until she opted out, ran a coffee cart self-employed, and then eventually set up as a stress management consultant.She came to the university today to pass on some of her wisdom about how we can sell ourselves in a professional way.

As i sat and listened to this inspirational lady who was confident and full of life, and obviously extremely passionate about what she does, i realised that the most important thing in life is to truly believe in yourself and the work that you do! She took us through a few exercises that i have taught to students many times – defining your USP, identifying your values and questioning whether or not you are living according to those values now etc, and although i have great knowledge of  all of this through my own Life Coach training it was great to re visit it, and to allow myself to be the student rather than the teacher for a change.Sometimes we just need to hear it from someone else to take us back to where we should be!

Body language, building rapport and being aware of first impressions are also things that i teach, but it was good to hear from someone else just how powerful and effective they can be, and also how  destructive can be if we are not aware of ourselves.

Denise commented at the beginning that she was passionate about working with people enabling them to be all that they can be, and that if you want something badly enough – you can have it! I have to say that i live my life in the same way, and part of my ‘other’ life is to help others to achieve, and so i can echo her sentiments entirely!!

Thank you Denise for your inspiration – it was well received!!