We need to look at our contribution to pollution,and what we can do about it!We were given a brief of using a toy to communicate the issue of climate change to our target audience, mine is obviously children – and there lies the issue…

What do children understand about the changes that are within our control and those that are not?And how much of this is just scaremongering so that our kids no longer have the benefit of living in a safe and secure environment like we did when we were little? Are we just putting old heads on young shoulders and passing on the guilt of the carnage and chaos we have created as adults onto our little ones who are so innocent?

I do agree that we need to be mindfull of the impact we are having on the world, and the environment, and i do think that it is important to stop polluting the air that we breathe so that the rates of asthma go down in our cities as our children are having to breathe in excessive amounts of pollutants. But i personally think it is wrong to sensationalise and distort the facts that the world is changing anyway, and that it is somehow totally our fault!

Children worry, as we all know, and they need to know that they live in a safe and secure world. The media needs to start to deliver the facts as they are instead of trying to get an oscar for the most dramatic presentation of the news!

What are we putting out there...and then our kids are breathing it in?