WordPress virgin dipping toe into the big world of social networking…..for the sake of my degree!

i do wonder if we are in the process of losing our anonymity by all  merging into a huge social networking melting pot?? If we are constantly updating our blogs, tweeting, and messaging on msn and facebook – do we no longer have anything we can call a private life? and is it just expected that we should be contactable 24 hours a day via phone, mobile, email and all the rest?? How amazed are we at the brave ones who decide to make a stand and say NO to all of the above? I know for me personally there is a huge panic when i realise the internet is down, or that i have just left my mobile in a puddle of goo in the kitchen and it now no longer works!!!

How ridiculous is this? i am sure that this all adds to our stress levels, the fact that we can never just be left alone – and are mithered constantly! I now have two mobiles, and two landlines and feel the call of a desert island getting stronger by the minute!!!!!